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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 tap and hold to change this header text! Years of Crisis 15.1 Postwar Uncertainty Albert Einstein create Theory of relativity-space and time is not constantThis contributed to the scientific revolution Existentialism- each person creates their own meaningto life. This contributed to a revolution in Literature. Influenced by German Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche Art revolution created Surrealism-links dreams with real life. Jazz emerged in the US,Developed mainly in New Orleans Women started to wearshorter, looser clothes andshorter hair Technology advances so now we have better cars, airplanes, radios, and movies ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 15.2 A Worldwide Depression ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Germany creates Weimar Republic-democratic gov in 1919. Very weak US had the only stable economy but it collapsed in 1929causing the Great Depression-long business slump To pay off war debt, Germany printed money which eventuallycaused huge inflation. Fixed by Charles Dawes-US banker Depression affects the whole world becausethey took back oversea loans that werehelping all of the other countries economy Britain sets up National Gov.-Multiparty coalition. By 1929They were back to normal France was still heavilyAgricultural and less dependent on foreign trade so they didn't have a lot of trouble US president F.D. Rooseveltstarted gov. reform programcalled the New Deal. Gave jobsTo unemployed 15.3 Fascism Rises in Europe ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fascism- political movement emphasized obedience tostate and leader Italy- Benito Mussolini promised to rescue Italy by reviving the economy and rebuilding armed forces. Oct 1922 took power "legally" when Fascists demanded that King Victor Emmanuel III out him in charge Germany- Adolf Hitler was a political leader. German fascist party was called Nazism. Hitler became chancellor in 1933 but he wanted more power so he starts anti-semitism -hatred of Jews. Democracy only lasted in Britian, France, and Scandinavian countries 15.4 Aggressors Invade Nations ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Military leaders gained control of Japan in 1929 did notestablish new gov. Made emperor symbol of state of power Japan invadesChina Japan leaves League of Nations 1933 Mussolini attacks Ethiopia Oct 1935. Italy won Hitler goes against Versailles treaty.Britain and France urge appeasement-giving in to aggressor to keep peace Germany, Italy, and Japancreate Axis Powers Oct 1936 Hitler and Mussolini send troops tohelp Fransisco Franco's troops inthe Spanish Civil war. Franco won. Americans supported IsolationismPolitical ties with otherCountries should be avoided Munich conference- Italy,Germany, France and BritainSept. 29,1938 to keep peace Britain and France asked Soviet Union to help stop hitter. Fascist Germany and communist Russia Sign a nonaggression pact to never attack each other August 23 1939
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