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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 2 Somalia Background information Population: 9,500,000 Homicide rate/capita: 1.5 (138+) Life expectancy: 51 years Population under poverty line: N/A Capital: Modadishu Major problems: Noneffective government, war between clans, pirates, fight for resources, terrorism Take note The reason the official homicide rate is solow is because Somalias governement has been shaky, and ineffective for the past few decades. The acutal mortality rate is probably much higher Tourism is a small industry in Somalia and virtually inaccessible to tourists. Unlike the previous countries on this list. Although the government has proposed to develop it further. Somalia has the longest coastline in Africa and features many beautiful beaches, although toxic waste and sharks have been a problem on the beaches. Somalia is home to several national parks, although many of them are located in regions of the country the government does not have control over. The capital used to be renowned for its beautiful architecture and museums, although the civil war has taken a huge toll on these landmarks. Such as looting and destruction. Much of the wildlife has been hunted. Although the country has been undergoing many struggles in the past, many see Somalia being a tourist destination in the future. The capital, Mogadishu used to be home to beautiful architure Somalia is home to many beautiful beaches Much of the wildlife has been illegally hunted Somalia draws influences from many different cultures. Somali culture has strong influences from countries such as India, Southeast Asia and northeast Africa. Somali has a strong history of storytelling and poems. Somalia has been called "Land Of Poets" by many scholars. The official Somali language is known as the "Somali language" which is similar to Afar and Omaro spoken by its nearby neighbours. Most of the population is Muslim with very few exceptions. There are also 1,000 Christians in the country. Culture Dancing and singing is also a important part of Somali storytelling Somalia features rich and exotic cuisine
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