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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Planning permission has been approved for our South West project, with the schedule expected in the coming weeks.This is an essential step forward for the progression of this project. Outlook Successes Outlook Successes Fix the Base Fit & Strong A BAU success that will support our programme is that we have received 10 new tractor units to add to our fleet! Stationary Spend for November and December 2014 reduced by an average £28K against the nine month average from January to September 2014. If the underspend were to continue in 2015, savings would be in the region of £346K Canteen Subsidy will deliver £65K of annualised saving due to the 10% tariff increase implemented in December 2014Further reduction of £35k will be delivered due to the increase sales on Grab & Go 1139 Lotus Notes licences deleted delivering a cost saving of £56k, a further £59k of cost avoidance recognised due to a buffer stock of licencesSAP users reduced to 918 active licences with a further 105 in stock delivering a cost avoidance of £100k Revenue Management The launch of the acquisition rates at the Sales conference and the positive way in which the TSM sales force responded to the new tariffs has been encouraging. The RM team spent a great deal of time formulating the tariff structures using a blend of sales teams' input, market pricing research and analysis from last year's acquisition business. Grow in SME Contract signed with Parcel2Go
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