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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How to Research on the Internet : A Guide for First Years Plan Search for Info You are very nearly there Only referencetrusted sourcesWikipedia is very useful but untrustworthy RELAX Useful site http:\\ Take Notes At this point create a checklist to ensure you have everything covered Start here Cut costs and save ink and paper. Create a word doc to store everything Create abibliography/ webliography as you proceed. Use word referencing or endnote Identify and sum up themain idea Try using mind mapping or concept mapping softwareor Useful site : Take breaks ! Consider a glossary Download recommended reading list Review prior knowledge If a group project use a wiki Define subject and narrowresearch Establish timeline Gather tools Search eJournal catalogue Search for online magazines and journals Identify keywords and phrases Tips to Identify a Good Website Currency: Check date site was last updated.Authority: Check credentials of author.Purpose: Why is site there? Is it selling something?Objectivity: Will information be biased?Writing style: Are there many spelling andgrammatical errors? If so information may not be accurate. Create EssayPaper or Report Choose youraudience and write accordingly Refer to referencingrules of assignment Structure yourlayout:Intro , Main Body, Conclusion Keep quotations to less than 15% Proof read 1st draft, edit and repeat until happy with final draft Check grammar and spellingExample free Visit forums, ask experts Visit forums, ask experts Visit suggested sites , example Wikipedia Add sites toFavourites, oruse Compare search engine results.Example Google vs Bing Discuss / brainstormwithclassmates FINISHED
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