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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The peo ple of the Am azo n rain fore st Challenge sfor the tribes in the Amazon The environment makes it hard to keep animals for food in the Amazon. The environment makes it hard to keep animals for food there. Dangerous wildlife in the environment. Finding land Harsh weather % % 20 % 30 % 50 % 30 % 25 % 21.1 % % 12.1 % 14.1 % 16.1 Tribes in the Amazon rainforest can't bring farm animals into the rainforest. It is hard for the animals to adapt to the environment because of the rapidly changing weather. Instead of eating meat from farm animals, they eat ...➡️cassava➡️corn and beans➡️fruits ➡️vegetablesTo eat meat , they use a weapon called a blowgun. They hunt wild animals with it. Dangerous wildlife in the environment The animals have adapted to the environment so they can't go anywhere else where the environment is different. The tribes in the Amazon could be in danger if they mess with the animals. To stay protected from them they use blowguns and arrows to attack. If the animal is putting the people in danger they will attack. Finding land There is a lot of trees in the Amazon. Land=Life to the tribes. If they have no land there is no where for them to go. The environment makes it hard for them to find land because they travel far in the weather. Also the trees are everywhere. The tribes in the Amazon make a living in how much land they have. They will travel far to get a large amount of space for them to live. Harsh weather The weather in the Amazon forest changes quickly. It could be cold one day , windy another and rainy another day. To stay protected from the weather, the tribes live in a house called a communal house. The communal house is round and triangular made out of vine and lead thatch. It is a stirdy house that is tied onto the ground. This house has been working out so good for the tribes that they choose not to change it.
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