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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Technology in the Workplace Electronic Health Record Access to recent care, _____________, and recent surgeries. Spans multiple __________, whether or not they are in the same healthcare system Goal- ________ to ________ record Types:Smart CardEHR Computer Provider Order Entry Orders are legible and __________ There are no ______ allergies, ______-______ interactions ________ adjustments are correct Baseline _________ are normal ________-______ interactions are decreased The _________ is ________ with the latest info _____ order entryspotty _____poor designed systems Clinical Decision Support Guides clinical _________ Structures _______ entry Gives ________, reminders, and protocols Higher ____________, more resources Difficulty learning new _________ Barcodes Patient _______________ Validates ____ ________ of medication Alerts nurse to __________ or identity or medication Mandated by_______ for medication administration For More InformationGo To: ->>>>>
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