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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Create classroom budies 23 Tips to Improve Student Behavior What's Achievement Management? What's Achievement Management? How can a caring educator reach out to kids who deride counselling efforts and interventionprograms and resist supportive guidence? BUSINESS GOALS EVERYBODY has clear targets, aligned to business goals EVERYBODY has clear targets, aligned to business goals. How can we rebuild student lives? ACHIEVEMENT PLAN What's that? 10-20 Responsibilities ... each with 1-3 measurable targets Handle incoming phone-calls * Nobody waits longer than 30 secs * Boss always returns important calls same day E.g. Handle incoming phone-calls How do we use it? Identifying / removing barriers to achievement -> Also used for: double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. double click to change this header text! There are three important things to remember about education. The first one is motivation, the second is motivation, and the third is motivation. TheCircleofCouragemodelisaprovenapproachforreachingandteachingyouth  withsevereemotionalandbehavioraldisorders.   The Circle of Courage model is a proven approach for reaching and teaching youth  with severe emotional and behavioral disorders.    No more Tear tickets. Allow children to evincetheir skills. Make children feel safe,secure and cozy in the class. Reinforce their inner discipline, and respect for themselves. Help children improve their competenceby guaranting opportunities for mastery. In helping others, youth create their own proof of worthiness Create ruleswith students Create student Interest lists Create Identity groups GRATITUDE Prime students with the language of connection Convey the importanceof being kind Encourage participation in class jobs Create Gratitude boards Mastery BELONGING Organize after-schoolactivities Offer choice timeto explore interests Allot Independentlearning projects Accommodate pace Integrate technology Find venuesfor students to volunteer Use "Behind your back" exercise Independence Encourage studentsto want to learn more Sequence your instruction Promote recovery from mistakes Encourage Self-Assessment Encourage open-ended discussions Encourage studentsto make choices Use behaviour punch cards Help students set up goals Schools are meant to be "Reclaiming Environments" that providea feeling of belonging, acceptance and support to all the students. Through critical and supportive coaching, we can help the students who misbehave to develop their independence in making better decisions. By providing them with an opportunity to develop their innate skills, foster independent thoughts, become generous in their conduct, we create an opportunity to achieve to their potentialsand develop a sense of mastery. 23 Tips to improve student behavior based on the circle of courage Allow children to relate, somehow, to everyonethey know. Give children opportunities to contribute to the class.
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