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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 One common theme that was said to be strength was libraries role as a community center, and theirconnection to patrons and other local institutions.Strength of the libraries is the efforts to help people find and use information on their own.Some library staff thinks that the main mission of public libraries is to provide information using anything and on almost anything. Another felt that public libraries should educatepeople on surviving in today's world. Some library staff believes that the libraries should change to be more flexible, to adapt to new technologies and open the library to more activities.The library staff that want a more modern library feel that it is time that we give on being that 'archival public library' and move toward instant services.Many librariesfelt that public libraries should be more involved in the communityin order to engage with new audiences. when it comes toinnovations many would like more digital material, radio-frequency identification tracking systems, and maker spaces or workshops. Some roadblocks for innovations are that there isnot enough staff, budget, and administrations. There are also concerns about the innovations and changes are identity theft,social media problems, maker movement, not meeting the needs of people, and not having hands on materials. Part 5: The Present and Future of libraries By Sarah Ward Something that i feel that is not good about libraries today is that some libraries do not have Microsoft Word processor on the computers. The Library is the placeI count on to be able to do research, type,and print out what I cannot at home but when the computers do not have Microsoft word processor it makes doing assignments more complicated.The reason I like using Microsoft word isbecause it can check the spelling and grammar. I can insertclip art, and it can tell you the amount of words type.Microsoft word is better to use for homework and should be on the computers at the library. One thing I like about the libraries today is that I can look at books I need and want online andthen put it on hold. Putting books on hold online saves me lots of time and helps me find what I need quicker. When the staff is busy with other things I can get the book I need all on my own and that way the staff does not have as much people waiting. To tell the truth when I go to the library I do not know where to go in order to find the books I need on my own and looking at the books online allows me to look at the books faster and save me time. I love looking up books online and I do it all the time. 21st century libraries My Negative Opinion My positive opinion One of the things that I learned that I did not knowbefore if that some libraries provide tech help.Nowthat i know I will ask the next time I have a problemwith downloading ebooks.Another thing i learned is that the public libraries have an administration. Everything that I readin the article is interesting and everyone that likesthe library should read it. The report has information on the roles, activities, and services that are and wanted at libraries. The report has 2,252 Americansurveys from cell phones and land line phones in English and Spanish and from ages 16 and up. Some of the surveys includeddifferent set of activities. Some of the online surveys were taken bylibrarians. The statistics of the survey are not shown in the report but written answers from the librarians are shown. There are quotesfrom librarians and library patron who participated in focus groups in-person and online.They talk about library services and the future of libraries. What I learned Facts
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