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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Intersection with World Languages, Social Studies, English, Math, Science, Geography, and the Arts. 21st Century Skills Maps You can find the maps at - the website for Partnership for 21st Century Skills - A collaborative effort by ACTFL and P21- Lists information, media and technology skills (e.g. Communication and Technology Literacy) - Lists life and career skills (e.g. Initiative and Self-Direction as well as Social and Cross-Cultural Skills) For each skill there areexamples of student projects.Some examples belong to one of the four interdisciplinary themes: For example, under Technology Literacy in the Intermediate Range, the following example reflects the Financial Literacy theme: Students as market researchers design and conduct an online survey for a new restaurant regarding changing the menu by adding some new international foods items. They then analyze the survey data and create an online graph that summarizes the survey results. Finally in a visual and narrative report to the restaurant manager, using tools such as presentation or animation software, students make recommendations for menu changes and additions. It also indicates this project will requirestudents to use all three modes of communication. - Global Awareness- Financial, Economic, Business and Entrepreneurial Literacy - Civic Literacy- Health Literacy 21st Century Skills World Languages Map This makes it easier to collaborate with other core subjects.
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