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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Creativity and Innovation Can you work with anyone, anywhere, anytime? Thatis what employees of the 21st century will be asked to do. Teams don't work in offices anymore; they work in different time zones in different languages.Maximising output is about maximising input, caneveryone communicate their knowledge and worktogether, to put together a final product. Technological Adaptability Digital Awareness Problem Solving and Critical Thinking 21CSS Researching and Processing Information Collaboration and Communication There is so much information available, literally in every student's pocket. Students need to locate information and sift through it, while processing it for relevance and accuracy...quickly and efficiently. Solve problems, create solutions,use and develop digital and technological tools. This is what future workplaces require more than anything else in the 1st world. Manufacturing and labour are becoming robotic and moving offshore. Creating supplychain solutions and developing systems to utilise these efficientprocesses are the skills business needs. Global awareness and responsibility- moral, ethical and legal impacts. Students must be aware of their actions and how they impact themselves, their family, their community and the global community. Not to just today and tomorrow, but decades into the future. Instant accessand digital permanency make our actions louder and further reaching then in past generations. Things change and fast, especially with technology. Students need to be able to adapt and change as the tools they are asked to use change. Just likelearning Maths, English or Art learning the underlying concept is the most important thing. If you understand that, you can adapt the concept it to suit differentfuture scenarios, which may or may not directly involve technology. Think outside the box, globalisation doesn't kill originality it enables it to succeed. Internet entrepreneurs are the global megastar of business in the 21st century. They are original, innovative and creative. They use the internet to make their pipe dream a reality with low cost start up (or publicly funded start up). Great innovation is rewarded in the digital age. 21st Century Skills for Students Michael Deed 2014
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