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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Emergency Telecommunications Professional The purpose of a emergency telecommunications professional is to be able to communicate well, at all times in any situation. Multi tasking Punctuality Analytical Communication Skills The highest salary range is $44,711The lowest salary range is $28,001The average salary range is $36,909 Schools providing training Kaplan universityColorado state university global Indiana Wesleyan university Southern New Hampshire universityPost university Salary Attributes Dispatchers work in communication centers called answering points (PSAPs)Working as a dispacher can be very stressful at times. Equipment non-telephony and non-radio equipmentcomputer aided dispatch (CAD) systems, automatic vehicle locator (AVL) systems, geographic information systems (GIS) and mapping systems. These systems may come together as a package or may be purchased separately from different vendors Education and training costs Training for dispatchers can cost anywhere from $0 to $600 depending on how many years they are employed or the location CPR and first aid classes can cost anywhere from $50-$100NENA certification costs between $395 and $475NAED certification cost $20 for a two years liscence Requirements You need a certificate program, you need a High school diploma,you need to take a placement exam and pass a background check, and some other requirements are you Ride along in an ambulance or sit along in a dispatch centers.
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