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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 CLASS Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consecte-tur adipiscing elit. Mauris non eliterat. Etiam ullamcorper, nisl ultriciesconsectetur posuere, risus nequemalesuada enim, a laoreet magnaarcu vitae eros. Praesent pulvinarultricies nibh, porta dignissim nislpretium et. Praesent sollicitudinbibendum blandit. Nam rhoncusbibendum augue sed aliquet. Fuscelacinia vitae nisl non pulvinar. 39% 1980 2014 REFLECTION Activities/Anything in general that we did in class that I enjoyed/found helpful: I enjoyed Pi Day. It taught us what pi was in a funway. I think if there were more events like this, it would make math class even more fun. I also thought games like Kahoot and Quiz, Quiz, Trade were helpful. It also made learning math fun and got students interested. Activities/anything in generalthat we did in class that Idid not like/thought was annoying: I didn't really like doing take home tests because I thought that some things were no help. I guess it helped a little but I didn't like doing them. Things that I found annoying were just people making inappropriate and unnecessary noises. Ways to make/teach class better next year: Find ways to teach math in fun ways. I don't really know what you can do to make it fun, but just keep playing games or having special days. Teach in an easy way, for example, don't throw in a million ways to do a problem unless it's necessary because it may confuse a few people. Last comments, suggestions, concerns Just make sure students are actually paying attention when you're teaching, turning in assignments, and understanding. If they decide not to do that then that's their problem!!!! that I did not like/thought was annoying: If they decide not to do that then that's their problem!!!!
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