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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Community Engagement Global CSR Strategy Philanthropic Giving Strengthen Goodyears volunteer programs and associate engagement. Serve as the public face of Goodyear to the philanthropic community. Facilitate periodic reviews of community engagement strategy, results and recommendations with senior executives.Collaborate with Global Communications team to promote awareness and understanding of companys corporate citizenship and community engagement strategy. Lead Goodyears charitable review committee. Establish the strategic direction for Goodyears global corporate citizenship and community engagement programs.Lead the planning, development and execution of an internal launch of the global CSR campaign with associates, working collaboratively with global teams to build strong relationships.Build the visibility of Goodyears brand and reputation in CSR. Monitor emerging trends and best practices in corporate citizenship and community engagement. 2015 Community Engagement Priorities KEY FINDINGS Associates are ready for a more comprehensive and strategic CSR campaign that better engages them in Goodyears initiatives, and aligns with the companys business objectives.Existing CSR initiatives and philanthropic relationships need strategy and direction. In Akron, there is United Way burnout and a lack of engagement among associates.
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