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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION IN ONTARIO BY; Connor O'Halloran Ontario is producing to much pollution! I am researching the amount ofpeople that use publictransportation in our province. 69.9% of people in Ontariouse a car,truck, or van.23.3% use public transportation.4.6% use a bike and 1.2% of people walk places the majority of the time. There are several benefits to using public transportation.It saves fuel, saves you money from HIGH gas prices, and reduces our carbon footprint. Also, it is the safestway of travel and is avilable to all ages at any time. Public transportation has a negative side as well.It produces noise pollution,fossil fuel pollution, and cantake you longer to get youwhere you need to go. Also, they sometimes congest thestreets and cause traffic!): Benefits of Public Transportation Negative Impacts of Public Transportation Public transportation is safer than a car for MANY reasons! For example, in a public bus, the driver is trained to drive the vehicle in stressfulmoments. Also, bus' are large heavy vehicles thatwould protect the peopleinside if they got into a crash.Finally, public bus' are safer because they are designed to be safe withthere bright colour cushioned seats and reinforced steel sides. Why Public Bus' are safer than a car Did you Know? Ontario uses bus', ferries,cabs, and trains as forms of public transportation. References on worksheet
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