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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 School's OutMom and boys have different bucket lists. Cooked a Wichita Thanksgiving Aunt Anninvited us Auntie M March January February April May October Here's to you and yours...Only the best for 2014! December November And a Happy Meow Year to all our friends and familyaround the world McMackin's Road 2013 Jerry Darwin, the mysterious advisor Izzie, theQueen ofEl Moro We love you,Aunt Marguerite,and miss you! Boys: sleep,swim, video games Mom:sleep,sleep,read Camp Lakewood veterans return! September How can two boysfill two pillowcases in two minutes with two pounds of candy? Welcome Braden and Hansen!Our grand-nephews: 12-10-13 Deck the Hallswith school parties,home parties,and party parties! What takes the bumpsout of theMcMackin road?Loving connectionswith friends and family. You makeour lives complete. And how did we getto be 11? Now, whichcommitteeis this one?Oh, no, thisis Patrick's meeting! Ok, if it's Tuesday, it must be.... 7225 El Moro: 17years! Marcie, the Princess Atom,theCourt Jester Samson, RIPin that big field of catnip in the sky.. ToHilton Head Island Oh, great, another new teacher. Here comes 5th Grade. July June August So, why do I have the privilege of working, working, and working from home? It's the big bucks and the nice cube, I'll bet. Baseballfor Harlan 5th grade?How did we get here? Welcome Addison!Our grand-niece: 10-1-13 Welcome Addison!Our grand-niece: 10-1-13 Patrick and Staceycelebrate 16 years! C H
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