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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Animal Furs Shopping bags Consumption Canada and a few othercountries, consume over 80% of the Worlds resources. 8.7 plastic shopping bagscontain enough embodiedpetroleum energy to drive acar 1km It takes 2.22km to get to the Eaton Center from my home, not including traffic In Canada over 100,000 beaver pelts are being shipped to Europe 8.5% of furs on boots sweaters etc, come from animal furfactories Over consumption ofproducts, take up resources.. Energy and electristy used to make product Purchasing a needed product Ex; Dish soap, Shampoo etc Materials needed to make products The shipping of ALL the products to the mall Ex; Boat,Trucks,Panes etc Making new friends and being social Enjoying yourself Getting exercise The plastic bags usedto put item in, can endup in landfill Boots the econemy Air poullotion; gasoline used to get to mall Getting your parents tobuy you things Shopping addictions can lead to people being broke or in dept Relaxing with youself orothers; like seing a movie Products can consist of animal skins, furs and horns Alternative options Using plastic bags or another type of bag Go on puplic transitor carpool Bring my own re-useable shopping bag That's just over 16 plastic bags! I can... Instaed of... Driving to the mall and using gasoline Buy somthing that has fake fur or looks similar to a product that has fur Buying a product withanimal fur, skin or horns Buying things that Idont really need Buy only things that are reallynecessarybecause our world haslimited resourses Positive Negative Referances on worksheet Created By:Nubia Mulugeta, Impacts on going to the Eaton Center Impacts on going to the Eaton Center
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