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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 United States 14% 20% 16% north west north east south east west coast represented France Enters The War If the French didn't join The war went on from 1775-1783 Who was mostly impacted When This war impacted thethe Americans because the Americans need help so they called for France. The out come of this event is that the americans won with the helpof the French.If the french hadn't help us we would have not won the french supported us with siolders and sailers also money. Who did this war Impact The Outcome The French join the war to help the Americans for there fight for indepence. If the French didn't join then the Americans would of never won this war. They fought together furing the time of (1775-1783) Americans were mostly impacted.Britain was the second most impacted.France was the third most impacted. Where did France Join? They joined together with America during the valley Forge battle. Why? The Frence joined the war to week-in Britain and get revenge for their seven years war with Britain. Whose side did theyenter on and whydid they enter with them? They were on America's side because they had full indepentencefrom Great Britian. What benefits did the French bring tothe war. They made a treaty and they brought soldiers and sailors. Why were they benifits importantand how did each of them contribute to the end of the war? They are important because america would have not won without Frances help. Right before the end of the war they brought military supplies to help win the battle.
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