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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 VHEMES vhemes = visual + themesstart by dragging a predesigned vheme onto the canvas start from scratch[clears the canvas] Education in 2005 Education in 2025 Teacher led classroom Learning is no longer confined to a classroom. Learning happens on the go!Going on a field trip? Bring your i-Pad to document the event. Create a video of your experience and what your learned.Working on a science project? Observing the school garden? Bring your device to record your observations and results.With mobile devices, the possibilities are endless. Mobile Learning Digital Citizenship Teaching Students and Parents to use Technolgoy Appropriately hashtag digcit The teacher is the only source of information, few student led activities.Learning is confined to the classroom, no mobile devices.There are some classroom computers, but not used effectively. (Mostly used for word processing.)Teacher brings class to a computer lab.Teacher schedules computer lab time to notconflict with other classes. For more information visit: Be Aware: Not everyone may have "equal access to technology." Communication Options: Email, text, cell phone, instant messaging. Consider your options and respond appropriately. Digital Literacy: Learners need to be taught how to learn in a digital society Digital EtiquetteDigital LawDigital Security Are you aware? Net Smarts Kids Check Out Teachers Check Out s Teens Check Out Are you internet safe?
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