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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 2024 Traditional Classroom 2004 vs Hybrid Classroom Computer class Learning Approximately 300,000 students attend online classes Majority of students attending private or public schools and participating in traditionalclassrooms. Schools will be operating wholly online withdistance learning. Schools exist in person, but have changed to a mix of research and blended learning. Half of students taught in school. Half learning online. Netsmarts Mobile Learning Still used in classrooms, Some are used online with supplemental resources Takes place in traditional classroomsInformation comes from books and instructors. Top down learning. Learning and information will be available 24/7. Students will have access to materials from any location. All resources found online Internet access in all schoolsMore online/ Virtual classes. Teaching Digital Citizenship- How to operate online and safety Learning through the use of mobile devices, information and researchprovided online and easily accessible. By: Amanda Derrickson Citations: Education in review: Where it was, and where it is going. PLNS & Online Learning Computer classes Focus on Microsoft Word and typing. Limited access online inschools. Cox, A. (2004, August 13). Moving Out of the Traditional Classroom. Retrieved February 27, 2015, from Cook, L. (2014, November 13). Futurology: Virtual Classrooms Frequent for Universities, Slow for K-12. Retrieved February 28, 2015, from Information & Textbooks
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