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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 WE HAVE FUN! WE HAVE INFRASTRUCTURE! Antonio González WE ARE THE BEST OPTIONFOR YOUR INVESTMENT. WE ARE LOCATED IN AN IDEAL LOCATION TO NEGOTIATE IN MANY COUNTRIES AND CONTINENTS. The United Arab Emirates(UAE),located in the southeast of theArabian peninsula, is borderedby the Persian Gulf to the north,Oman to eastand Saudi Arabia to the south and west.It is a constitutional federation with seven emirates:Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman,Umm AL-qaiwain, Ras Al-Khamimah and Fujairah.The nation way formally established on December 2nd, 1971. Director of Emirates NDB Bank sice 2010.was previously Diirector od Dubai Co.and was essential for the businness development and trade agreements with European and Asia countries, is mexican, but to finish collegue decide migrate to Dubai looking for a new challenges.Among his achievments is the entrance to the European and chinesemarket and soon hope to conquer the Latam markets CULTURE: Rooted in islamic culture, the UAE, has a strong ties with the rest of the Arab and Islamic world.The goverment is committed to preserving traditionals forms of art and culture, primarily throught the Cultural Fundationof Abu Dhabi. There is a great cultural variety with Asian-influenced schools, cultural centers and restaurants. GDP: 359 BILLION DOLLARS AS DECEMBER 2013.GDP GROWTH: 3.9%GDP/PER CAPITA: $65,600 USD.POPULATION: 5.5 MILLIONUNEMPLOYMENT: 2.4%INFLATION: 0.7%PUBLIC DEBT AS % GDP: 43% OUR NUMBERS CONTACT US: Antonio González DIRECTOR NDB BANK & INVESTMENTS
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