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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1/3 3 / HORNBILLS TROPICAL RAINFOREST THE Climate/weather 20 34 Climate in the rainforest is mostlywarm ranging from The Tropical Rainforest is a forest of tall trees and low lying shrubs in a region which experiences year round warmth. The Tropical Rainforest belongs to the tropical wet climate group. Soil, Vegetation, Animals Soil in the Tropical Rainforest is infertile dueto the large amounts of rainfall which causesleaching. The Tropical Rainforest contains moretrees than any other area in the world. These trees have had to adapt to the soils infertility.70% of the plants in the Rainforest are trees.Many species of animals inhabit the Rainforest. Characteristics found in the animals include bright colours, patterns, loud vocalisations,adaptation to life in the trees and a diet consiting of mainly fruits. Locations:AfricaAmazonAustralasiaSouthern AsiaSouth America The Tropical Rainforest is regarded by many people as an exploitable economic resource. Deforestationis happening all the time in the Tropical Rainforest.The majority of all Rainforests have been lost for the production of palm oil. More than one third of large scale palm oil expansion resulted in direct forestloss( 3.5 million hectares in total between 1990-2010)in Malaysia, Indonesia and Papa New Guinea. Degradation they experience large amounts of rainfall averaging 125cm-660cm yearly. Minoo Kowalewski
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