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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Elizabeth Collins1st Period 2. The Japanese firstencountered Europeansin the 1543, when Shipwrecked Portuguessailor washed upon the shores of southern Japan. 1. Europeans began coming to Japan in the 16th century, during the Warring Statesperiod. 5. Many Samuri,who retained the swordas their principal weapon, would losetheir lives to musketfire in future combat. 6. Daimyo hadto build fortifiedcastles to withstandthe destructive forceof cannonballs. The castles attreacted merchants, artisans,and other to surroundinglands Contact Between Europe/Japan and the closed County 7. In the 1549, Christian missionariesbegan arriving in Japan. 9. The success of the missionariesset up TokugawaIeyasu. 8. By the year1600, Europeanmissionaries hadconverted about 300,000 Japanses to Christianity. 3. The Portuguese brought clocks, eyeglasses, tobacco,firearms, and other unfamiliar items from Europe. 4. The Japanse purchased weaponsform the Portugese and soon began theirown production. 10. Ieyasu banned Christianityand focused on running his country of all Christians. 11. Ieyasu died in 1616. 12. In 1637, the issue cameto a head. An uprisingin Southern Japan of some30,000 peasents, led bydissatisfied Samuri, shookthe Tokugawa shotunate. Because of that, Eurpeanmissionaries were killed or driven out of Japan. 13. By 1639, they had sealed Japan'sborders and instituted a "closed country police'.
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