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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How To Raise Money for Your Startup Decide on YourMain Feature (MVP) Create a Prototype Test with 100-500customers Find Investors by Anna Vital What is the onething your product doesreally well?A lean team can usually build one feature fastwithout burning out. Prototype just that 1 feature. Make 2-5 screens inPhotoshop, Balsamiq,on paper, etc - anything that visually showshow the product works. Ask people in coffee shops, run Google/FB ads, make alanding page, email. If the prototype makessense to them, keep going, if not go back to #2. if you tried everything and still no traction, go back to #1 VCs invest $.5 M and up;Angels average $345K perround. Use Linkedin,, etc to find them. Demo at events. Sources: 9 1 2 For more sources go to Develop Now that you havetraction/cash, develop the product to scalability onPython, Ruby,PHP,Java, etc 7 Get Traction with 10,000 people Try Monetizing $$ Now the Challenge. Gettraction.Try everything: FB, Twitter, email, celebrities,bloggers,TV, launch party,partner with another startup, etc Monetizing is notnecessary if your tractionis high. But if it is not,and you can monetize,your chances with investorswill be higher. 5 6 Create a Pitch 8 Simple pitch deck withproduct+market size +team+monetization strategy(if any) Build a Functional Prototype Now build the functionality. Still just one feature.To minimize the cost, seeif you can do it in Wordpress or AppBuilder. 4 Increase Your Chances Hussle, but be human. Show you are sharp and trustworthy. Tell everyone what you are doing, sooner or later you will be referedto the right person. While you are fundraising, keep improving your product.No investor wants to fund marketing or development.They prefer to invest in scaling. 10 11 12 This is the mostdifficultpart 3 The Founder of was rejected by 300investors before he got a yes.You are in it to win it. So keep going. Never Give Up Pitch
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