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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ECCRINEallow excess water to leave the body.The majority of eccrine glands are located mainly on the forehead, the bottoms of the feet, and the palms,although the glands are everywherethroughout the body. They help thebody to maintain temperature control. KIDNEYremoves the nitrogenous wastes from the blood such as urea and salts and excess water are also removed from the blood and excrete them in the form of urine BILEsecreted within the smallintestine where it helps to break down ethanol, fats and other acidic wastes including ammonia, into harmless substances. LARGE INTESTINE collects waste from throughout thebody. It extracts any remaining usable water and then removes solid waste. At about 10 feet long, it transports BY:Cuyler I made this not anybody else!!! SKINextracts sweat through sweat glands throughout the body. This helps to remove additional wastes. Such as excess urine. Furthermore, the sweat, helped by salt, evaporates and helps to keep the body cool when it is warm LIVERdetoxifies and breaks down chemicals, poisons and other toxins that enter the body. The Excretory System relies on the skeletal system for support of the bladder, the integumentary system for protection, respiratory and circulatory, for oxygenation and blood flow from which the kidney filter, the nervous system to give instructions to the brain and the endocrine system to balance salt and waterdigestive system, since it delivers liquid.The digestive system relies on the excretory system because whatever the organism consumes,goes the excretory system in order to be digested and releasedas waste KIDNEY STONES o Symptoms: Vomiting/nausea, painful urination, fever or chills o How it is diagnosed: physical examination, urinalysis, radiographic studies, blood tests o Treatment(s): pain medicine, drinking lots of fluids, lithotripsy, surgery to deal with the stone, oLife expectancy: average time a stone takes to pass ranges from 1 to 3 weeks, o Quality of life with this disease, ailment, or illness: Normal, but kidney stones are very painful o Kidney stones are made of salt and mineral in the urine. Claim: I claim that learning about the excretory system is relevant to my own life. Evidence: ~ I have an excretory system ~ my excretory system keeps me alive ~ living organisms have an excretory system that keeps them aliveReasoning: The excretory system affects my life because everyone I know, including myself, has one that helps them to survive since they help us to maintain homeostasis by ridding of unneeded wastes from our bodies, keeping us alive and healthy. Excretory System
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