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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1871 Europe Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources Napolean Bonaparte- "Grandfather of German Unification" Prussia Prime Minister, Otto Von Bismark, wants strong Germany 19th Century Nationalism Blood and Iron Otto Von Bismark AppeasedSocialistsandLiberals Timeline Italian Unification German Unification Realpolitik Schleswig Wars Austro-Prussian Franco-Prussian 1848-1851: Germans took back Germanyfrom Denmark 1866: EstablishedPrussia asdominant Germanpower 1870-1871: United Northern andSouthern Germanyagainst commonenemy GERMAN EMPIRE Hall of MirrorsatPalace of Versailles German Empirewas proclaimed Carbonari & Mazzini= conservative,failed to unify Italy King Victor Emmanuel IInames Count CamilloCavour Realpolitik Cavour Allied with France-defeats Austria in1859 Invests in rail,modernizes country-strengthens Piedmont-Sardinia Giuseppe Garibaldi ledItalians in the South Gave South to Victor Emmanuel Bourbons in Two-Sicilys Venetia occupied by Austria Papal States annexedafter Franco-Prussian War (1870) Venetia annexed afterFranco-PrussianWar (1866) 1859 1852 1850 1866 1870 1848-1851 Mazzini's Young Italy and Carbonari failed Cavour become Prime Minister of Italy France and Piedmont defeat Austria in northern Italy Victor Emmanuel becomes Kingof unified Italy Austro-Prussian War, Venetia annexed Franco-Prussian War, Papal States annexed 1848 Frankfurt Parliament drafts GermanConstitution 1862 Kaiser William I appoints OttoVon Bismark as Prime Ministerof Prussia Schleswig Wars 1871 German Empire declared 1861 Italian Kingdom declared France Piedmont-Sardina Prussia Austria Tried to unify Germany. Lost to Prussia and lost land in both Germany and Italy Unified Italy Unified Germany. Allowed Italian unificationthrough Franco-PrussianWar Attempted to impedeboth German and Italian unification Franco-Prussian War Samuel Powery Alex Kirn Nathan Putt
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