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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The memorial was open to the public on April 292004. The memorial was builtto honor the 16 million people who served in the U.S armed forces. The Memorial wasdesigned be FriedrichST. Florian. Over two thirds of thememorial consists of grass,water and plants. Began fundraising in 1994 and collected over $197 millionmostley from privite donations. Construction beganin 2001 and was finished in 2004. Around 4.4 million people visitthe memorial each year.mostley are veterens or people related to veterens. A wall on the west sideis emblazoned with 4,000 gold stars representing the 400,000 Americans killed in the war. The world war 2 memorial act wassigned into law bypresident Bill Cliton. 292,000 soildiers were killed in action and 115,000 died from being wounded or whowere injured. Approximately 17,000 individual stones from Noth Carolina, Brazil, South Carolina, and California. Is dedicated to ensure that the legacy, lessons, and sacrifice of the world war 2 is not forgotten. World War 2 Memorial It is an over allshape with 2 fortythree feet archers. 56 pillars represent the states and the territories the district of columbia. The world war 2 memorial is located on the national mall. This memorial is one of Washington's newest Memorial. There is a 9 foothigh wall decoratedwith 4,043 gold stars. A circular garden called the circle of remembranceis enclosed by a 2 foothigh stone wall. The location for the Memoarial was settledupon in 1995. The groundbreakingof the memorial tookplace on 9/11. /
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