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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1980s LIFE TEENAGE The 1980s were the continuing of a new century with lots of different trends and many unique styles. Also making the 80s a decade to remember when some of the worlds biggest stars had been introduced. (madonna) Fashion in the 1980s rejected the non-materialist `hippie' values that had inspired fashion in the 1970s. Earning big money and spending it cautiously, was the focus of the decade for many. Some chose to wear fashion that promoted materialistic values and flaunted their wealth and social status. At the time anything that had a logo was in style, making the society extremely shallow and dependant on wealth. Also punk style and rebellious clothing had really gained status from the 1970s. Princess Diana was also a huge fashion icon. leg warmers, shoulder pads and mostly mens clothing were very trendy During their spare time on the weekends, teenagers would often be found in night clubs and cocktail clubs, listening and break-dancing to dance, hip-hop, or rap. By this time entertainment was a part of their everyday lives, including television shows and movies, such as Teen Wolf, Back to the Future and ET. Fitness had also become very important to people during this decade especially young people were often encouraged to go to workout classes and spend theirfree time at the gym. LEISURE IN THE 80s HABITS IN THE 80s Many teens suffered from major drug abuse problems. Crack and heroin were more common than ever before, and people became more aware of the dangers of AIDS and HIV, which wasassociated with heroin. Youth were told to practice safer sex, which included the use of condoms and limit their sexual partners. Done by: Yasmine, Nadia, Niluv, Fehar and Gurpurtap THE 1980s TEEN VS. THE 2000s 1980s 2012 MUSIC top 3 artists Olivia Newton JohnSurvivorJoan Jet and theBlackhearts Adele RihannaKaty perry MOVIES top 2 ETFast times at Ridgement high Twighlight: Breaking DawnHarry Potter: Deathly Hollows 2 FASHION TRENDS Neon colors Leg warmersBoot legged pants TightsBrand names Shorter clothes Brand namesPonchos Tights
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