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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1980's Culture Video Games Just Say No campaign was started by Nancy Reagan to stop the use and spread of illicit drugs in the US The AIDS virus spread rapidlyduring the 1980's effectingmany different groups of people. The United States wasthe first country to recognizeAIDS as being a real diseasein 1981. Live Aid was a benefit concert that was held to support people suffering from a severe famine in Ethiopia. Concerts took place on three continents with many different acts including Queen and U2 Public Awareness Consumerism/Materialism Music Explosion of Pop Culutre Video games like Duck Hunt, King Kong,Pole Position and Q-Bert were all popular simple graphic games which are still sometimes played today because of how unique andentertaining the games are. Pop Music grew popularity in the 1980'swith artists still popular today likeMichael Jackson and Madonna. Thedifferent style of music attracted manypeople and made for an explosion of people who enjoyed the music. Lean Cuisine gave the people the ideathat the portion control meals represented a "lean" body for the consumer of the product.While Capri-Sun offered already packaged juicewhich aloud for ease of consumption. Care Bear's along with many othertoy dolls for both boys and girlsrepresent a materialistic value toits owners. Commercials during the 1980's gavethe idea that what they were buyingwould make them better in someway. This method of promotion of products isknows as consumerism. The first cell phones were introduced in the 1980's as a materialistic good. People wished to own it because new technology was big changing and progressing quickly and socially people were trying to keep up with it. Leg warmers, a major fashion design forwomen in the 1980's and prove to bematerialistic because women boughtthem in order to keep up with the style. Members Only jackets served as the samematerialistic item but for both men and women. Movies Television Family Ties: The main characters had varied political views and opinions that played into the family drama that became a staple of modern television sitcoms. The Wonder Years: Showed how childhood looked through the eyes of a young teenager and all of the problems and triumph that come along with the age. Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back was the most popular movie in the franchise and used some very advanced technology at the time to produce effects that still look good to this day. It also has one of the largest group of followers for a single movie franchise and has produced countless products based on the saga.
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