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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources 1969 Anti-war protest march in Washington D.C. During the 1960's there was The Vietnam war going on,which lasted 15 years.They took many young men to fight in the war.U.S went to war in Vietnam because they didn't want communism to spread. The Veitnam war One of the reason why the U.S went to war was because of communism(communism is when the government has control over the money).The U.S had fear of communism spreading because they thought that U.S would be inferior to the other states.There were other reasons why they went to war. Communism The war caused many people to be upset.People were upset because since they sent many young men to go to war people may have lost one of their loved ones.The war was so upsetting ,that itled to an anti war protest(anti war means against war).The protest was to try to stop the war.500,000 people participated in the protest march. Anti- war protest march Many people thought that protesters were communism so they were targeted When?November 1969 50% supported the war(purple).50% did not supported the war.In 1965 35% supported the war(purple).65%did not support the war.In 1967 This is a picture ofsoldiers fighting in the war. Thousands of people joined togetherto protest. Before the protest people didn't really pay attention to the war.Many people kept inside what they though about the war.After the war nothing really happened. Before and After the war Mission of the protest:To stop the war
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