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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1947: The year Jackie Robinsonstarted playing inthe MLB and the year that Truman startedlooking into the segregation issue inthe military. .338 (.260) Jackie's batting average in 1951(one of his best years), ascompared witha league averageplayer. Jackiedidn't only breakthe color barrier inthe MLB, but he alsoplayed extremelywell. .429 (.331) Robinson's on basepercentage in 1951in comparison toleague average.OBP is widely regarded as one ofthe most importantoffensive stats.Jackie also played2B, which was atraditionally weak-hitting position .527 (.390) Maybe the mostnoticeable trait ofRobinson's was hisability to hit for power.His slugging in 1951was over 100 pointshigher than anaverage hitter. Ernie Banks, a 1950sblack MLB star,on playing in the bigs: just get dressed and go to the park and play”- Ernie Banks explaining Buck ONeils advice...The black playersdid "just play,"and the resultswere amazing.They had made itto a professionalorganization, andthey performed very well. The 1950s: PatrioticDesegregation.Starting with America's NationalPastime The Los AngelesDodgers in 1950 ^ A graph of blackintegration into MLBby year. ^ Clearly, black peoplecould perform at the same level as white people in a professionalsetting. Why segregate? Once one organizationbecame integrated, itwas only natural for others to follow. The military integratedblacks in '48 and in '54 schools wereforced to re-thinkdue to Brown v. Boardof education Desegregation + Good results= change for all MLB black integrationdidn't only influencedesegregation ofblacks in other organizations: it also paved the way forother races inbaseball
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