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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The harsh incas The harsh incas Killing llamas Llama meat In this PRE-COLUMBUS CIVILIZATION some of the important Incas got to eat the meat of sacrificed llamas and they also got to eat with the the mummified kings of the past. The sun gods sacrifice The Incas sacrificed people and llamas to keep the Sun God and other DEITIES pleased. Grave grounds The Incas sacrificed people in the mountains of the WESTERN HEMISPHERE. They sacrificed people there because they thought mountains where powerful. The Incas believed if kids died on a mountain it was the perfect sacrifice. On every inca mountain you could find a sacrifice temple. Where it all happened Llama sacrifice Special children Inca kids where mostly sacrificed. The Incas would sacrifice the kids because they where pure. Most of the children that where sacrificed where sacrificed in the mountains. If there weren't any older kids they would sacrifice the younger ones. The sacrifice for the gods Because the Incas where POLYTHEISTIC the most important temple was the Sun Gods. When Inca sacrifices where done they would sometimes bring the sacrificed people to the Sun God. They would bring the sacrifices there for the Sun God to please him. Many Incas brought sacrificed children there The offerings Incas often offered things to the gods. They offered llamas meat and fur. They offered sacrificed kids. The Incas also offered other sacrificed people.
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