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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Materials What'sHappening Then? Clothing Construction FashionFunctions Rejection of VictorianismWomens LiberationMiddle Class WealthEmbracing YouthPartySex TV / Film Clothes Methods In The News What's happening now? Made by dressmaker or TailorHomemade (patterns in magazines)Sewing machines and hand sewingPrints influenced by artEmbroideredBeaded Australia the many 1920s in Fashion 1920 Fletcher Jones Tailoring established Communist Party established1921 Edith Cowan is the first woman in parliament 44 hour work week becomes standard1922 Industrial Court rejects equal pay for women1923 Exhibition of Australian art opens in London to mixed reactions1924 Mary Holman first female ALP member elected to parliament First Woolworth's opens in Sydney1925 Foundation stone of Harbour Bridge laid in Sydney Ford Motor Company buys 100 acres in Geelong for two auto plants1926 Canberra Times first published General Motors opens plants in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth1927 Duke of York officially opens Parliament House Foundation stone for Remembrance shrine laid in Melbourne1928 First solo flight from England to Australia Violence erupts after outside labour is used to break Waterside Workers strike in Melbourne1929 800 Waterside workers attack non-union workers at the Adelaide dock Hoyts convert 20 suburban theatres for "talkies" SateenCorduroyJerseyWoolSatinSilk georgette crepe Designers Influenced by the 20sGucciIssa LondonRalph LaurenDaksMax MaraRoclarteReyesDiorReem Acra Clothes Hair &Makeup 1920 Black sateen sleeveless bathing suit $4.951921 Blue stout dress $22.95 for the stout figure silk georgette crepe1922 Mens corduroy pants $4.95 leather trimmed narrow whale cord1923 Jersey slip on blouse $2.95 knit soft wool worsted yarn1924 All wool poiret sheen coat $22.50 1925 Wool ottorep two piece skirt/blouse $9.98 phantom red/palmetto green1926 Green satin dress $15.951927 Black dog fur coat mens $37.50 wool blanket lining double knit wristlets1928 Donegal tweed dress $4.95 suit wool/cotton1929 Everlastic waist trousers $4.35 wool/cotton perfect fit replaces belt Makeup starts to be commercially manufacturedOx blood lipstick is used lavishlyBobbed hair is de rigueurRouge is used sparingly Squizzy TaylorRazorMiss Fisher Murder MysteriesGatsbyDownton Abbey
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