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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1919 World Series BRIEFLY ABOUT 1919 World Series matched the American League champion Chicago White Sox against the National League champion Cincinnati Reds. Although most World Series have been of the best-of-seven format, the 1919 World Series was a best-of-nine series. The events of the series are often associated with the Black Sox Scandal, when several members of the Chicago franchise conspired with gamblers to throw the World Series games. In August 1921, eight players from the White Sox were banned from organized baseball for fixing the series (or having knowledge about the fix). Pitchers: Eddie Cicotte and Claude (Lefty) Williams Shortstop: Swede Risberg Quotes about Meyer Wolfsheim "Meyer Wolfsheim? No, he's a gambler." Gatsby hesitated, then added coolly: "He's the man who fixed the World's Series back in 1919.""Fixed the World's Series?" I repeated. […] "Why isn't he in jail?""They can't get him, old sport. He's a smart man." (112-118) Outfielders: Joe Jackson and Happy Felsch People involved in the real account:(Note: Buck Weaver did not go along with the Scandal) First Baseman: Chick Gandil Reserve Infielder:Fred McMullen Third Baseman: Buck Weaver - At lunch, Gatsby introduces Carraway to Meyer Wolfsheim, a disreputable character who proudly calls their attention to his cufflinks, which are made from human molars.- Wolfsheim is an infamous gambler, and claims responsibility for fixing the 1919 World Series. Gatsby Relation to the Scandal Here we have Wolfsheim, identified, in the most stereotypical ways, as a Jew, who is the sleaziest and most nefarious character in the novel. He does his dirty business deals through a cover company named the The Swastika Holding Company. Shady man=Shady business
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