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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Topman Customer Profile (16-18yr old) tap and hold to change this title text! The people within this age category will most likely still be at school and possibly be about to transfer into uni. At this age you may have a Saturday job and be earning a small sum, however it is more than likely you will still be living off your parents, getting pocket money or some kind of allowance. Due to this, some may freely spend their money, others may be slightly more money conscious. At this age it is unlikely you are going to be that fashion forward. You will probably be sticking to your basics, such as jeans, tees and jumpers. Topman is also a typical place where youngsters will buy their suits, mainly as they are easy care, machine washable and not too expensive. -Wake up-Have a quick breakfast-Go to school -Socialise with friends in the park after school-Go home and have dinner-Spend your evening jumping between homework and own hobbies-Stay up late watching TV/playing games -Physical activities -Gaming -Hanging out with friends -Going to parties -Cinema -Playing music This age range is referred to as 'generation z'. This is the first generation to be brought up with technology. This potentially means that people in this generation may prove lazy and unsocial. Topman takes full advantage to this by providing as easy access website where you can purchase garments at the click of a few buttons. There is now an app where it has never been easier to purchase clothes. Income: Hobbies: Typical day: Topman provide a student discount of 10%. This makes it easier for students to spend money as they will be saving money for something else. Student discounts are then increased to 20% at the beginning of each school term.
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