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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Who Did This Benefit? The Fabulous Fifteenth Amendment! How Did This Change America? Is It Still Relevant Today? Different Ways It Is Relevant Today Why Was This Amendment Passed? The 15th Amendment was passed because afterthe Civil War, when African Americans were finallyfreed from slavery, and became citizens, they stilldid not have all the same rights as white citizens.This Amendment gives African Americans the right to vote, which leads America one step closer to the goal of having equality for all citizens. The 15th Amendment benefits African American men, by allowing them to vote alongside white men. This Amendment also benefits African Americanwomen 50 years later, when the 19th Amendmentwas passed, giving all women, including African Americans the right to vote. The 15th Amendment changed America by giving African Americansthe right to vote. This decision broke the boundary of racism,and showed that the country trusted African Americans enough tohave them participate, and influence the choice of who the country'sleaders were. It also gave African Americans a more significant partin the country's society and future. There are many different ways in which the 15th Amendmentia relevant today. One example takes place on the 1st Tuesdayof November every year. On this day people gather to vote for new laws and leaders. African Americans are among these people. Another outcome of this amendment is that our currentpresident is African American. The African American vote greatly contributed to this occurrence. By: Hannah Stepak and Devika Soni Yes, the 15th Amendment is stillrelevant today. African Americans are currently allowed to vote.
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