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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The 15 Days of Celebration Day two:They prey to ancestors and all the gods. This is also known as the birthday of all dogs, so they are treated extra kindly Days three and four:Son in laws must pay respects to their parents in law Day 5:This day is also known as Po Woo. People welcome the god of wealth and stay home to avoid bringing bad luck to their famillies Day 6: Relatives and friends are visited freely. Temples are also visited to pray for good health and fortune Day 7:Farmers show off their produce, and make a drink consisting of 7 types of plants. This is also considered the birth of man, and people eat noodles in celebration Day 8:The Fujian people have another family reunion dinner. They prey to the God of Heaven, Tian Gong, at midnight Day 9: Offerings to the Jade Emperor are made on this day Days 10, 11, 12, and 13:Friends and relatives should be invited to dinner on these days. Pure rice and vegetables should be eaten on the 13th to cleanse the system Day 14: Day 14 is reserved for the preparation for the festival of lanterns Day 15: The Festival of Lanterns. People gather together to celebrate the beginning of spring by sending hundreds of lanterns into the sky Day one:Gods are welcomed from the Earth and Heavens alike. Most do not eat meat on this day, as they think it will lead to a better life Day 2:Chinese people pray to their ancestors. This is also considered the birthday of all dogs, so they are treated kindly. Day 3 and 4:Sons in law pay respects to their parents in law Day 5:Also known as Po Woo, the people must welcome the God of Wealth. they cannot visit relatives, as it is belived that it will bring bad luck Day 6:Relatives and friends are visited freely. People also pray for good fortune and health Day 8:The Fijian people have a family reunion dinner. They also pray to Tian Gong, the God of Heaven, at midnight
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