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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 WWI And The 14 Points I. All Military Pacts must be madein person, no secret alliancesor lies in war II. No country may inflict another country with inability of usingand navigating the oceansin times of peace or war alike. III. Calls to remove all standingTrade embargos on foreign nations, as much as possible IV. Global deduction of military size to make proportionateto country size V. If a colony isnt harming a group of peoples, let it beuntil evidence proves ofwrongdoing. VI. Russia has right to change itsgovernment, Germans mustleave Russian ground VII. Germans must evacuate Belgium, andBelgium becomes its ownindependent nation VIII. France will regain all territory including the disputed land of Alsace-Lorraine. IX. The borders of Italy will be established such that all Italians will be within the country of Italy. double click to change this title text! X. Austria-Hungary will be allowed to continue to be an independent country. XI. The Central Powers will evacuate Serbia, Montenegro, and Romania leaving them as independent countries. XII. The Turkish people of theOttoman Empire will have their own country. Other nationalities under the Ottoman rule will also have security. XIII. Poland will be independent XIV. Creation of the league of nations The other two rulers thought that this proposition sounded too idealisticand would never be put into practice in the real world, because it requiredcompliance from the mass of other nations, not just the nation who proposed the idea
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