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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Climate, plant life, and wildlife The Mekong delta is situated in Cambodja and southern Vietnam, where the Mekong river reaches the South China Sea. The Mekong is one of the longest rivers in the world. The Mekong River covers 39,000 square miles of land. Cambodia climate is usually it is very hot, Cambodia in November till February is there cool season it only gets to 80-95 degrees. In March till May is there hot hot season it get from 95-105 degrees everyday. They do get a lot a rain there rainy season is from June to October they only get about 80-95ft in those months Southeast Asia: Cambodia Its not just tigers and giant catfish. The Mekong River also hosts a self-cloning skink and a fish with vampire fangs, among many other recently discovered species. Those were known animals of the Mekong they are considered normal to Cambodia. 17.7% of the population of Cambodia is living in Poverty and get their "fresh water" from the Mekong River. The life expectancy of Cambodia is 68 years young they are dying so young because of all the diseases of the so called "fresh water." Once a year, due to the enormous amount of rain, the level of the Mekong River rises so much that the Tonle Sap River can no longer flow into it. The river reverses its direction and flows north into the lake, causing it to swell to triple its size. The Tonle Sap Lake then covers one-seventh of Cambodia! Fish abound, and silt created by the river's reversal, make soil quite fertile. The central half of Cambodia is a flat rolling plain. Surrounding the plain is a savanna; bordering it are low mountains. Cambodia was once covered with rainforest; now, that amount has been reduced to forty percent due to excessive logging by foreign and local companies.
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