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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ENERGIA As a Sacrament: At the beginning of time: As the body of Christ: Leadership: Prefigured in the O.T. The salvation of humanity:life, death,resurrection of Christ. By becoming man the son of God made his earthly body the means by which people can come to a union with Godafter the ascension it is still the body of Christ.As members of the body of Christ we are united intimately to one another. All humans have a role The Holy Spirit united members of the church into one unified body. By the sacraments of the church we become United to Christ and to one another in an incomprehensible way. Prefigured in the People of Israel.After O. Sin, God began to repair. Chosen People prefigure the formation of the Church.God offered a new covenant after people kept failing. Church is the fufillment of Israel The salvation of humanity comes to us through the life, the death, and the resurrection of Christ. God sent his son down to save us, and help guide us to reach the ultimate goal of heaven. Everyone has a role to play when in church, and are all united in one purpose. visible sign of God's grace 1.Sacrament of Salvation: both the sign and means of God's salvation for all people 2. sacrament of Communion: gathers all people into communion with age and with one another -communion: expresses essential core of the Church's mystery -vertical dimension: man's communion with God; who is above us -horizontal dimension: communion with other members of the Church Visible and Invisible dimension The Twelve Apostles: God sent his son to establish his people as a church and then the Holy Spirit to guide the church in truth for a special purpose.To accomplish this Christ established a structure for his church, founding her upon his inner circle of friends, the apostles.The apostles and their successors continued Christs work of salvation after his ascension and will continue to do so until the end of time, when he will return in glory.To the apostles Jesus revealed himself a deeper way than he did to the crowds.He reserved special instruction to the apostles.They were his chosen witnesses who he sent to preach his gospels.He taught them deeper truths. When God in the fullness of time, entered decisively into history at the Incarnation to bring about our salvation, he did not change his way of interacting with humanity.He selected a person to mediate and to be the instrument of his covenant with the people.he didn't select a person out of the human race; he sent his own son to become part of the human family and to form the new people of God.Salvation comes to the world rough the church, the people formed by Christ for this mission. Twelve tribes of Israel that came forth from the twelve sons of Jacob formed the foundation upon which God built the nation of Israel in the Old Testament. The Twelve Apostles: The Twelve Apostles: The Twelve Apostles:
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