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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 South China Tiger Smallest species in the mainland of Aisa Weigh about 130-175 kilograms They are in IUCN Red List now South China tigers bones can be used in medical it was said that it has the "magic" power to cure some kinds of illness, their furs are also the target of some merchants that they can make clothes and worth a large amount of money. Most body parts of South China Tigers are valuable, therefore, people kill them and sell their furs and other body parts for huge amount of money. South China tigers are facing a lot of threats nowadays. Besides being hunted, South China tigers' habitats are losing as well. Deforestation make them homeless, the tigers have to leave and some of them even die. Also, their preys are decreasing dramatically, South China tigers can not find enough food to store energy. They have been endangered since 1970s. 4000 80 20 In 1970s, South China tigers have been listed in endangered species. The South China tiger is a dominant and carnivorous predator, hunting its prey by stalking it until it had an opportunity to catch it off guard. South China tigers primarily hunt larger mammals including deer, wild boar, cattle, goats, etc. South China tiger range in 1990s South China tiger range today If people keep killing South China tigers, and they are dying at current rate, they will be extinct in no more than 25 years. In recent years, Chinese people are releasing too much CO2 because of the growth of industries, those pollution caused massive deforestation, which means habitats for tigers to live is decreasing. Therefore, people should protect the environment as well as save tigers' lives. KILLING A TIGER DOES NOT BENEFIT PEOPLE
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