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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 PersonalizedMedicine IS PERSONALIZED MEDICINE RIGHT FOR EVERYONE? How does personalized medicine work at a DNA level? (EQJ) -SNPs are single-nucleotide substitutions of one base for another(A, T, G, C)-between SNPS and a response to a medication, scientists have to look at multiple SNPS across a longer stretch of DNA How has personalized medicine helped patients already and in the future? (AV) Why are doctors and scientists excited about personalized medicine? (EQJ) ASK YOUR DOCTOR OR PHARMAICIST ABOUT PM!!!! -researchers are learning how inherited differences in genes affect the bodys response to medications -6 yr. old Nicholas with an inflamed intestine that required a bone marrow transplant form the umbilical cord blood, his colon was unnecessarily removed -Baylor twins were incorrectly diagnosed and treatment received didn't help their condition, but with DNA sequencing it was discovered they had a dopamine and serotonin deficiency-if sequencing became available, it could lead to more accurate and faster diagnosis for sickle cell anemia or cystic fibrosis -not enough evidence to suggest gene and disease development-when and how should genetic sequencing be performed-drug companies want to make a large profit-minimal regulation on testing-finding the correct genome uses an expensive process that involves biomarkers-each separate drug must be approved by government -close connection between therapeutics and diagnostics-companies better identify their target population-U.S. spent $213 billion on health care, which was wrongly used How can PM reduce health care cost in the United States? (JM) Challenges of PM: (AV,EQJ) Challenges from drug companies: (JM)
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