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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ANIMAL TESTIN 100 million rats and mice 170,000 rabbits more than 100,000 guinea pigs 20,000-25,000 cats MAIN ANIMALS USED Animals are usually tested on for these main reasons: Cosmetics spinal cord injuries nutrition genitics vaccinations toxicology biology more than 30,000 non-human primates All these animals go through pain every day Most animals DIE in confinement these animals are: And 95% of these animals.... ABUSED poisoned crippled burned Are NOT Protected by the law THE U.S SPENDS 16 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR WHICH IS OUR TAX MONEY WASTED ON ANIMAL TESTING SOLUTIONS: Non-animal tests are... 'COST EFFECTIVE' Household products 'practical' expendient This can result in: Anxiety Terror Helplessness Depression AND Faster Inexpensive If lack of human relevance is the fatal flaw of "animal models," then a switch to human-relevant research tools is the logical solution. The National Research Council in the United States has expressed its vision of a not-so-distant future in which virtually all routine toxicity testing would be conducted in human cells or cell lines, and science leaders around the world have echoed this view. -Humane society international More than 100 million animals ae confined in testing labs, and none of them have done anything wrong. We need to make a change. Help stop animal testing today. citations: experimentation/rabbits-laboratories/ ANIMAL TESTING animal-testing-and-the-law/
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