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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 All about amusement park rides. I am going to tell you all the amusement park rides. First king of the thrill rides this is a roller coaster that takes an outside force too stop once they get going. Penduums playground, swing, and pirat ship. Around and Around. king of the thrill rides.On a roller coaster pot ential energy is stored up as the cars take their long slow trip up as the first and biggest hill. The moment of greatest potential energy takes place when the car is preached energy take place when the car is preached at the top of the first hill. These two forces combine to make every moment you're on the coaster a thrilling experience. As the roller coaster chains speed the seat pushes you forward ,but because of your body's inertia you feel a force comeing from in front of you pushing you back into the seat. by kimberly and jakhari pendulums playground swings and pirate ships. They have a back and forth motion two forces that act on this ride are air resistance of friction. In each case the motion ccoutinuse until a force or force act on it to slow it or stop it. Air resistance is when partcal are small and spred out but the swing or pendulum collide swith them often enough to cause it to slow down or lose energy. Around and around Centripcle fores keeps you pinned secure against the wall be hide you. Any object that is turning has centripcle force acting on it the force pulls the object toward the center of the turn centripcle force pulls along the chains and hold the seat at a set distance centripcle force keeps roller coasters cars on their track.
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