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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Education Reform Everyone can acheive greatness through hard work and perserverance We are funded by sponsors and donations from families Teachers abilities and ciricullum Classes beneficial to the student will be offered such as; math, history, English, financial literacy, and team building Teachers are expected to use a blend of teaching styles such as: verbal, visual, and kinesthetic. Technology will be available, however, we will not be dependent on it. The set up of school 45 minutes with 5 minute break in between classes, four classes a semester and two semesters a year An average of 15-25 students per class study hall at the end of the day Classes closer together and no trailers Advance placement courses encouraged Remediation and disicpline Students are expected to behave disciplined and respectful if they mibehave actions will be taken such as after school detention and if a students grades are ineadequiate they will participate in grade recovery Many sports will be offered such as: football, softball, soccer, baseball, tennis, lacrosse, basketball, dance and many more. Along with sports many clubs are offered and music, art, and drama departments are available.