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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Students watch a video lesson on comparing relationships using rates Remembering Understanding Applying Analyzing Evaluating Creating Students study math vocabulary using Quizlet Students practice basic skills using Students look up definitions and concepts related to transformations on and write down the key concepts in their own words Students watch a video worked example about how to calculate standard deviation, then do a similar problem independently on paper Students do SAT practice problems, some of which are different from problems the worked on in class Students use an applet to confirm the relationship in their textbook (A=0.5bh) between triangle areas and the areas of rectangles with the same base and height (altitude) as the given triangle Students record real-life data and model the data by making a scatter plot in graphing software and writing an equation that fits the data; then students check their equation using regression Students use an application to show graphs and descriptive statistics to help them compare average Maine college debt for students receiving federal financial aid Students compare and contrast two data sets using graphs and descriptive statistics in GeoGebra Students record a critique of an example solution process using a screencast, and explain a more efficient method Students make a series of extremely short screencast or video explanations on comparing relationships with rates; they look like a lessons at Students make their own interactive graph of absolute value equations in GeoGebra, with sliders for changing parameters Students justify the selection for a persuasive presentation of one out of two possible data sets which they analyzed using graphs and descriptive statistics in GeoGebra
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