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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cold War: Superpowers Face off Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources One of the single greatest needs in youth work is for Youth to discover who they are in Jesus. Iron Curtain- Divides east and west. Half was democratic and other half was communist. United Nations- Intended to protect members against aggression. One on One (small groups) The Close Few (Personal Discipleship) Chapter 17 Talents and Gifts are like the tip of an iceberg, it's what people see. Our culture prizes this area of life. Most people focus their lives on developing their Talents and Gifts. Truman doctrine-support countries that reject communism. Character 90% of who a person is is based in their character. this is an unseen part of a person that makes what they do important or weak. Youth programs must focus on developing character from spiritual identity in order to be effective disciples. Know Jesus Know Yourself Know Others Youth must believe that God loves them, not for who they were and not for they will be they need to believe that He loves them as they are and not as they should be So that He can change them into what they are supposed be The Great commission is to make disciples, not to save people. Youth must feel empowered to follow Jesus in this great command. The 200 (the church) How Jesus did discipleship. Matthew 28:19-20 Matthew 12:35 Level one:Corporate discipleship, Jesus has 200 disciples praying in the upper room right before Pentecost. This is the church unified in prayer. Level Two:Jesus had twelve disciples. and within those twelve He had 3 that got to go to the really cool stuff. This is the small group and your close partners in the Gospel. Level Three:Jesus had His one, John, the one He sat next to during His last supper, the one who was at the cross as He died. This is the person you meet with and live life with. The animosity between Russia and The U.S caused by competing political philosophies would lead to a nearly half-century of conflict called the Cold War.
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