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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Should we ever let go of the past? How can a past be so prevalent it affects the future. 1st example Bound Feet by Pang Mei Natasha Shang.Yui must forgive her mother for forcing her to have bound feet and in doing this she lets go and can learn a valuable lesson that not all tradition are right and must be followed blindly. Thesis statement - Letting go of the past can sometimes prove to be futile but is best to move on. The next example in The Waiting Years by Fumiko Enchi,is when Tomo pick out an innocent and unknowing girl as her husbands concubine. This decision and action results in the young girl becoming barren,depressed and lonely. Events in the past will always affect the future. Confronting Japan's Long-Forgotten History of Sexism is an article that reminds us not to repeat the past. Repeating history is so prevalent it affects the future and reading articles like this one keeps us from doing that. The Peculiar History of Foot Binding in China When Footbinding became out of date and old fashioned the ladies with bound feet got divorced and made fun of.If those woman would've let go of the past and not been ashamed of their bound feet then those remarks wouldn't have affected them as deeply as they did. Also, Because Yui moved to New York she had to move on from her strict culture in order to accept the new one she's moved to. Leaving the past behind and taking only the lessons from the events can lead to a healthier and happy life Conclusi on
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