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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Sacrament: The sacrament of communion, since I go to church on Sunday's I participate in communion and I get the body and blood of Christ. Sunday Monday accusantiumdoloremque laudantium,totam rem aperiam, eaqueipsa quae ab illo inventoreveritatis et quasi architectobeatae vitae dicta suntexplicabo. Prayer: on Wednesday we are stressed out due to the week, so we sit in meditation with God. Wednesday Parable: today we see someone in need, they are stressed out and need some comfort like the Good Samaritan did. Friday The week in the life of a disciple. The end Tuesday The beatitudes:Today we comfort those who mourn, and anyone who needs ir Virtues: today we think and contemplate what God does for us through the virtues Thursday Conscience: today we use our conscience and stay faithful and do good. Saturday Sincerely, the breakfast club
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