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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 A soldiers Heart The beginni ng 1992 In the begging of the story we are introduced to a character named Charles. A little bit about him is that he gets his way every time and he is smart The middle Towards the middle Charles realized that he wanted to join the war because he thought he could be a man and proved he belonged their. And never worried about war 1995 The first war 1998 The first war. Charley got into a war and his mind changed from thier. His mood was nervous becuase he never thought he would be in a war so he started to worry. And his mood was scared becuase he wanted to go home and be with his mom becuase he was scared Second battles Gettysbu rgbattle The second battle. Charley was not afraid anymore he felt old becuase he already knew what to do during war and felt good becuase he was getting cheered on by the hot young women. Then we were introduced to Nelson a ambitious person. 2001 The Gettysburg war. This is one of the biggest war and was going to be a brutal one. Charley and the men were marching towards them but instead of charging he ran behind a rock and watched his friends die. But later he thinks and all he wants to do is kill and one in his path. He heard guns shot near him and was not afraid at all. Charley and nelson stayed together but were later seperated. Charley went back to find him and found in the floor with a belly shot. Nelson told Charley to load his gun and after Charley walked away and heard a gun shot. 2008
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