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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Roman Names Aphrodite Poseidon Enemies Symbol Animal of the Gods Aphrodite Poseidon Nicknames Poseidon and Aphrodite are two of the Twelve Olympians. Poseidon has the power of sea and Aphrodite has the power of beauty. Who would win? Let's analyze it! Poseidon Aphrodite Poseidon is the equivalent of Neptune in Roman Mythology Aphrodite is the equivalent of Venus in Roman Mythology The Earth-Shaker.The Father of the Horse The Earth-Shaker.The Father of the Horse.The God of the Sea, Earthquakes, and Horses Drop Dead Gorgeous.Goddess of Love, Beauty, and Procreation. Poseidon's enemies are Kronos, Zeus, and Athena.His enemy is Kronos because of the first Titan War.His enemy is Zeus because he was jealous he wasn't the chief God.His enemy is Athena because he wanted to be the patron God of Athens, but lost the contest to Athena. Aphrodite's enemies are Hephaestus, Zeus, Hestia, Athena, and Artemis. Her enemy is Hephaestus because she was forced to love him. Her enemy is Zeus because she was forced to love Hephaestus because of him.Her enemy is Hestia, Athena, and Artemis because she cannot trick them to fall in love with her. "Poseidon is one of the twelve Olympian deities of the Pantheon in Greek Mythology. His main domain is the ocean, and he is called the God of the Sea." According to "Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation. Her Roman equivalent is the goddess Venus. She is identified with the planet Venus." According to Direct Quotes Poseidon info Aphrodite info neutral/topic info Created by:HarveyVillanuevaandFelipeRojo Sent to (Rick Riordan).
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